I’m sure you’ve seen a certain image splattered across your social media this week following Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeons meeting to discuss the future of the relationship between the 2 countries they govern and the EU. Now, if you haven’t seen said image, what does my above description make you think the picture is […]

‘You’re too fat’. Sorry what?

A friend of mine told me something outrageous the other day. It is so outrageous… and yet so common. So, as she calls it, a pretty average crappy club near where she lives (in Reigate), refused entry to a girl. This girl wasn’t smashed, she wasn’t ‘inappropriately’ dressed, she wasn’t rude to the bouncer and […]

‘You can’t wear skirts or dresses as you may distract the men in your presentation’

Not only is this a ridiculous thing to say in 2016 but I can imagine any men reading this would feel pretty pissed off and generalised! Granted there are some gross perverts, male and female, out there who objectify the opposite gender for their own amusement but thats another story… Stupidly enough, someone DID say […]