vegan baking | chickpea and peanut butter cookies |

Hey friends, thought it was about time to stop just taking pictures of my food and actually show you guys how you can make it yourselves (if thats something you wish to do). All the recipes I will be sharing have been adopted from ones I’ve mostly found online or in various books. I tend […]

Interview with the only GRLCLB worth being a member of… trust me

Do you ever come across people you follow on instagram with a considerable following who you’re just like dayyyummmm you’re cool. Ruth Finn Leiser (roobs_grlclb) has that exact effect on me. I honestly just fancied being nosy (fan girling) and finding out what goes on behind the feed. I also believe this chick, along with […]

london diaries | 10 things i have learnt since moving here |

I have now lived in London for just over 3 1/2 months. I’ve learnt many things, some of those things I am going to share with you now just because they’re slightly irrational and have made me realise I need to chill out. Seriously.   Slow walkers need their own designated snail pace lane to […]

London diaries | 3 years (ish) of blogging |

WordPress notified me a few days ago that I have been blogging for 3 years… what?! That’s mad. But very appropriate timing I reckon, as recently I’ve been flooded with ideas, so much so I’m pre-writing things and then scheduling them for later on in the week. I love that I have ideas and that […]

You, Yourself… and the rest of the internet

Every single time I’m scrolling through Facebook/Instagram or anything that allows others to comment on others content, 9 times out of 10 I see something negative. There are some truly nasty people out there. I class myself as a pretty nice person in the sense that I’d never be rude or nasty about another person, […]