Vogue vs. The Fashion Blogger(s)

(Sidebar – this is my longest post to date, so be sure to have sufficient snacks around you if needed) My interest in fashion writingΒ has considerably grown since writing my dissertation, as I was able to gauge how both bloggers and columnists viewed the future of their chosen field. Writing. However, I came across an […]


London diaries | first days and flat pack furniture |

Well it sure was a day of many firsts. The first of these firsts was in the form of my first morning commute to work… and it’s certainly safe to say I am definitely not worthy of the title ‘Londoner’ yet. So there I was, waiting for the Jubilee Line around 8:30 yesterday morning to take […]

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First alteration video :)

Today my first alteration video went live wahoooooo! Filming it was quite a lonnnng process but it turned out to be a really sweet little dress. I’ve taught myself how to use iMovie to edit these videos but I’m sure there’s a better progamme… however I’m not in any financial state to be able to […]


First vlog and new (short term) job

I write this at 1:13am Saturday morning having finished work at midnight. I have just finished a yummy dinner of vegan nuggets, chips and beans and I am patiently (thats very hard for me) waiting for my first vlog to upload. Having moved further into the countryside, fast internet speeds are hard to come by […]


Hello… brain cells?

Boredom is a dull dull thing to experience boys and gals. Especially when you’re a creative soul, such as myself. Having been back, from my boozey holibob to Greece, for 3 days I’m already circling the boredom spiral… and something needs to change. Rapido! Therefore, I have decided to start a YouTube channel… (lol). I […]